Shipping Container Rentals

Converted shipping containers are a safe, environmentally friendly mobile office solution for your small business. Choose a container from our range and order a fully customized shipping container office. Be a part of our thriving community. Rent your space at Out The Box Container Park which is ideally situated in 101 Klipriver Road, Mulbarton, providing exceptional visibility, placement and container conversions at the fraction of the price of commercial retail space. At this stage Out The Box Container Solutions does not rent out shipping containers – we rent out rental space for purchased/customized shipping containers.

**PLEASE NOTE: Shipping Container Rental Space at our Container Park is exclusively available to customers who purchase their shipping container from Out The Box**

Converting containers is environmentally friendly because the containers have fulfilled their primary role of carrying cargo, and are then adapted for a secondary use. By converting them we are recycling them! If you have an idea for a shipping container conversion for your mobile office and are ready to take the next step to give your  business the leverage it needs, call us on 082 974 6244 or email us and we’ll help you to develop your design from an idea to a reality.